Join us at Elvey Farm for an enchanting Alice in Wonderland themed Murder Mystery Night on Monday 7th March:

Event Goals

This evenings aim is to invite employees from one or several companies for a chance to have fun, work as a team and relax with others in a safe and comfortable environment. Each guest will be cordially invited to attend this murder mystery in the hopes to solve this conundrum as to who exactly killed Alice, But! It could be any one!! Each participant will be given a character and a small biography prior to the event so they know exactly who they are in order to minimise any feelings of worry or tension, they will also receive a guest list alongside a short description of one other character to ensure the evening begins on the correct foot.

Target Audience

We have decided to target local businesses in Kent as we believe it will be a smaller and more specific audience, therefore reducing our market materials and plan to a refined group, rather than attempting to reach the masses of Kent. This strategy will also give the evening a more defined aim as the employees can take something away from this evening and possibly use those lessons learned or new relationships in the workplace. We are aiming for a maximum of 35 attendees as we believe this event will be more of a success in an intimate setting. We will strive for our guests to feel comfortable and open to the fun and games, therefore the evening will run more smoothly with the goal of team building at a higher achievable rate.

A night in Wonderland will take place at Elvey Farm in Pluckey, Kent; a rustically glamorous countryside hotel. We chose this venue for various reasons, a few of them being the beauty and elegance of the location, as you walk onto through the grounds there is an instant feeling of peace and relaxation. We believe that this will only enhance the guests experience, as we truly wish to create an unforgettable night.

The bar area and restaurant will be where the event takes place, as you can see in the photo, and once again it has a rustic chic feel that gives off a homey ambiance that we wish to decorate in a way that both enhances that feeling yet also brings our our Alice in Wonderland theme. This will be done by small party décor on each table including cards, candles, music and the choice of colour palette. We will use reds, blacks and whites to support this Alice in Wonderland theme with the napkins, tablecloths, centre pieces and possibly even the specialty cocktails served to enhance the theme. Each guest will have a seat allocated to them based on their character, as we will initially want certain characters to mingle in order to help the story line in its beginning stages. The venue has graciously allowed us to use their catering service on the evening providing a gorgeous sit down three course meal.

We will spread these courses out a bit longer than a usual dinner to give the guests a chance to mingle and learn more information to help solve that one and only task of who killed Alice. As a team we will know the script inside and out therefore if anyone is confused or stuck we can give subtle hints along the way, and possibly give guests ideas as to who they should speak to, to ensure everyone is interacting and getting the most out of the evening. We plan to hire a few actors for the evening to play a few crucial roles as well as anyone who may actually die on the night to ensure all guests have a positive experience. These actors will come from either a local amateur drama theater, friends of the team or possibly professional Murder Mystery actors.


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